58 | Money Mindset Magic with Meaghan J Smith

Season #3

In this episode not only do we get to know the gorgeous Meaghan J Smith but we also learn some absolute gems that will help you

  1. change your relationship with money
  2. move into an abundance mindset
  3. take the first steps towards ditching scarcity for good. You're gonna love this one! About Meaghan:

Meaghan is a Money Mindset & Life Coach for women and creator & host of the Money Mindful podcast. She helps you change your relationship with money and yourself, so you can create your unique money & life goals and live a glorious, magnificent, delicious, awesome life. And... Love being you.

She is the creator & host of the Money Mindful podcast, with over 100,000 downloads! The podcast helps women all over the globe transform their relationship with money and themselves so they can reach their money goals and feel amazing. She works exclusively and privately with women in her 1:1 coaching program. She is certified through The Life Coach School and has coached clients in Australia, Canada, the US and Europe. Meaghan lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner, two daughters and whippet. She can usually be found snuggled up with her dog on the couch knitting or bushwalking with her family.

Find her at…:
Instagram: @meaghanjsmith
Facebook: @moneymindfulpodcast


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