46 | Healing Resistance for a Fully Expressed Life with Dante Amato

Season #2

Dante Amato is our guest this week, and in our powerful conversation we touch on ways to loosen the grip on stories that are holding you back, slow and deep change, and showing up with willingness and determination to 'do the work' that allows you to live a fully expressed life.
Soul Mentor, Mother, Manifester

Dante is a Mindset + Business Coach who lives for empowering women to create a life that they love - aligned and radiant with expansion in all areas of their being. She is here to show you that it’s possible to be an energetically aligned leader in a business that lights up your soul, while you fulfil every other desire your life holds. You don't have to choose.

Dante has 10 years of lived experience through her own journey of healing and self-discovery. With a unique and holistic coaching style that blends strategy with spiritual flow, she's here to help you uncover your true purpose and master your mindset to one of abundance in all that you do. Dante has built her business from the ground up with a foundation of trial and error, huge wins, some losses but most importantly the ability to trust her intuition and personal power to manifest her biggest desires to create a million dollar net worth in under 5 years and lives for showing women what's possible.

Founder of The You Project, Expansion Membership and Host of Soul Conversations Podcast, Dante is here to bring more conversations around energetically aligned leadership and growth to female entrepreneurs globally.

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