NurtureFest ♡

"Give me a few moments of connection and I'll give you back your sanity."

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I'm so glad you're here! It shows you are ready to move beyond the daily grind, beyond self-neglect.... which is AWESOME for YOU.

What you'll walk away with 

🤙🏼 Learn to carve out space for you
🤙🏼 Gain clarity on what's most important
(and be less distracted by what isn't)
🤙🏼 Feel better in your skin,
🤙🏼 Ways to feel energised, so you can take steps towards your bigger goals.
🤙🏼 Practical tips to live ethically and streamline your home

This is especially for mothers who:

  • struggle to prioritise themselves
  • have been a mother for a while
  • are ready to stop feeling 'behind'
  • crave a moment to themselves
  • sense something is missing
  • are busy yet isolated
  • are rundown
  • get grumpy with the kids a little more than they'd like....

You'll get access to:

  • Private VIP Community
  • Laser Coaching opportunities
  • World-class training
  • Movement and meditation
  • 24/7 access to replays

Doing this together in a group provides accountability which makes it different from doing a course or reading a book.

It makes it way easier to INTEGRATE, EMBED and APPLY what we learn immediately.

Get it FREE... for now (you'd usually pay upwards of $399) 

I'm not sure if this will run again for free - I genuinely hope you will join us.

WHEN: 18th-22nd October
WHERE: Online
Whether you show up LIVE or watch the replays, you'll walk away with a sense of groundedness and direction, and a beautiful community connection.

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