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29 | Dr Shamieka Dean On Marketing Mindset, Curating Beliefs, and Doing Whatever It Takes

In this power-charged conversation, we meet Tennessee-based Psychologist, Dr Shamieka Dean.

Creator of the Market Like a Mogul program, Dr Shamieka Dean is an inspiring and down to earth entrepreneur who is making moves in her space. 

Her work with service-based business owners of faith focuses on the mindset behind success.

"Ninety per cent of our beliefs are based on a lie someone told us based on their fears or failures."

In this powerful conversation we share our personal stories, and also some of our most essential wisdom, like: 

  • 'belief systems become birthing systems'
  • renewing our minds and learning new things helps us differentiate what we really believe about ourselves from what someone once told us and we took on.
  • our greatest power is our choices, based on our decisions and our willingness to do whatever it takes.
  • the power of pain when you know how to use it
  • things we go through in order to grow through.

This podcast is presented by the Soul Mama Academy, a monthly coaching membership and community - helping soulful women find their way back to themselves so they can be bold custodians of their health, their families and the planet, and in doing so, rewrite the future.

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