Academy membership connects mothers together. Gain access to transformative wellbeing workshops and generate time and energy for what you love. Let us help you find a path to your dreamiest goals... 


Academy Membership connects mothers together. We offer powerful experiences to help you generate time and energy for what you love.


It's okay to admit motherhood has turned out differently from how you expected.

You aren't the only one feeling over-extended and unsure of who you are anymore 

Yet so many mothers feel alone and ashamed for not holding it ALL together, ALL of the time.

Our community membership is for mothers who are READY to join together in non-judgement:

  • rediscover themselves
  • get all-over healthy, inside and out
  • find a welcoming space.

This allows them to spend more time on what's truly important to them, daily, which translates to feeling safe, empowered, parenting better, smiling more

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 With small, intentional actions we change the world. But if nothing changes in us, nothing changes at all.

Members get access to:

  • globally-sourced experts
  • a handy app, and
  • nurturing community.


'It's such a supportive group, wise mums learning from each other under the divine stewardship of our beautiful soul, Alena'



Kindness to the planet begins with kindness to ourselves ♡

Join the Waitlist for our signature program the LionLife Roadmap, a comprehensive monthly membership for mothers. It is ideally placed to serve women craving monthly support in the form of workshops, group coaching, transformative interactive sessions, community and real-time events.

Lion.. what now?

Life Just Got Simpler

Come on in: learn healthy family recipes, learn a few ethical lifestyle hacks or just find your people at the Soul Mama Hub, it is 100% free.

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Accessible Wisdom On Tap

The Unboxable, Unstoppable Podcast is made for mothers ready to level up and get clear on the possibilities available to them. 

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We are Better Together

When women join together and support each other, we elevate one another exponentially. Community connection brings a special magic.

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Motherhood changes you in so many ways. 

👋  I'm Alena, a Sydney-based mother of three, podcaster, educator, martial artist and 'mum-connector'  ♡ 

Over the past 13 years, I've helped tens of thousands of women feel less isolated, connect and find their voice in supportive communities.

LIfe has been a patchy mish-mash of adversity and achievements, that's why I know how much we need to feel less alone (now more than ever).


Feel the satisfaction of living consciously, your days infused with joy, with a proven coaching and community framework.

Membership gives you the chance to focus on the next right action - with unbridled community support.

It's the special sauce that helps you go FROM...

👉🏼  running in circles,
on an emotional rollercoaster,
👉🏼  mentally overwhelmed and frustrated

🤘🏼 LESS worried about perfection,
🤘🏼 LESS alone and
🤘🏼 MORE open-hearted interactions with those you love.


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Doors to the Soul Mama Academy might be closed but when you join the VIP Waitlist you receive a simple "Stress Less, Smile More" cheatsheet to help you get your mojo back when it feels like it has taken a walk in the park.